Years after coauthoring the widely praised and best-selling book Risotto, Judith Barrett revisits Arborio rice territory. In the intoduction to her new book, she tells us that the old neighborhood has changed: “Risotto has gone from a barely known ethnic specialty to a popular, almost-mainstream food that can now be found in countless restaurants, Italian or not.”

Risotto Risotti picks up where Risotto left off, adding to the repertoire of traditional risotto recipes. These dishes do wonderful things with Italy's incomparable foods. You can make a meal as simple as Risotto with Pan-Roasted Eggplant and Mozzarella. Or if your taste runs to the luxurious, indulge in a classic turned very classy Saffron Risotto with Gold.

But Judith Barrett also reaches beyond Italy for inspiration. Turning to those cuisines where rice is a staple, she blends ingredients from Asia, the Middle East, and the Tropics into adventurous world risotti. And sizing up the way people really cook and eat, she offers short-cut and low-fat techniques for risotto, too.

For anyone who may have missed the risotto revolution, Barrett starts with a risotto reference guide. Here, she explains simply and directly what risotto is and moves on to risotto history, rice and the varieties suitable for risotto (there's now an American Arborio rice), essential equipment, and tips for serving risotto.

Barrett has divided the recipes into chapters on vegetable risotti, seafood and fish risotti, meat risotti, low-fat risotti, risotto cakes, riceless “risotti,” and dessert risotti. There's food for experimenting: Apple Risotto with Currants and (riceless) Mixed Vegetable “Risotto” with Basil. And food for comforting: Tomato, Basil, and Fontina Risotto Cakes or Lamb Spezzatini and Grana Risotto. In addition to recipes, the cookbook is peppered throughout with notes on montasio cheese; frico, or melted cheese crisps; edible gold; and much more.

Whether you're a risotto convert or this is your first taste, Judith Barrett's Risotto Risotti will delight and satisfy risotto lovers everywhere.

Book cover - Risotto Risotti

Risotto Risotti
by Judith Barrett

John Wiley & Sons Inc
September 1, 1996
ISBN: 0028603575